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21/07/2016 - Take care of your car's interior

To shine your dashboard as when you purchased it from a dealer, you need the spray can “Dashboard Polish”.

The fact that your vehicle has now a few years doesn't mean you don't have to treat it.

The car's interior appearance is as important as the exterior one, if not more, because you have to spend time driving and if you have any passengers on board there is also the need to make a good impression.

Also if you don't keep clean the dashboard of your car, may wear out and collect dust risking not only look ugly to the eye, but also to cause allergies to you and your passenger.

For this reason, Ambro-Sol has created the spray can “Dashboard Polish”, a product containing silicone oils that rub any surface you want to shine.

The spray polish is ideal for creating a clear protective film that prevents the settling of dust and smells the cockpit.
Make shiny and bright what is not so new, to give it a touch of youth.

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