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29/07/2016-The new frontier of lubrification

Thanks to the Ambro-Sol spray can “Silicone Grease”, you can lubricate, protect and insulate a wide variety of materials.

Would you like to inhibit noise of hinges and fixtures? Protect a material from rusting? Reduce and prevent wear of metal parts?

For your hobbies or your company is useful and practical to choose the spray can "Silicone Grease"; It is a product that is odourless and colourless silicone oil-based. The spray carry out a lubricant, insulating and protective action on a multitude of materials, including metal surfaces, and it prevents the formation of oxides on them, keeping the shiny surfaces.
Being water-repellent, the spray can “Silicone Grease”, preserves and waterproofs the surfaces and textures from the aggressive action of fumes and vapors.

Like almost all Ambro-Sol spray product, the “Silicone Grease”, can be used in many industries, including marine, automotive, mechanical and electronic; in fact, the spray may be used to protect and insulate the electrical systems.

In the do-it-yourself and daily tasks at home, the spray can” Silicone Grease” it’s useful to polish bags and helmets and to feed the rubber seals of car doors.

As always an effective and multipurpose product.

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