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XT-10: the Crown jewel of Ambro-Sol

Releasing, protective, lubricating, penetrating, degreasing, high temperature resistant, anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-seize, great solvency against rust.

Ten functions in one product: this is the strength of the XT-10 Ambro-Sol, a valuable ally with ten and more features with a delivery valve 360 ​​°.

Thanks to its powers XT-10 is able to satisfy a wide number of needs and provide a quick, efficient and economical solution and it’s a precious ally for work in the workshop, but also in house - maintenance, garden, nautical sector and heavy industry.

Multiple functions: it works as unlocking, as protective spray for the gears, it can be used as a lubricant, penetrating spray and degreasing, resistant to high temperatures, corrosion, it has hydrophobic and anti-gripping properties and it possesses a great solvent power (very efficient in melting rust).

So you can use it almost anywhere.

XT10 is the solution to (almost) all of your problems. Suitable for camping, during a trip, to keep it in the car, in the garden, for maintenance of lawn mowers and tools, in the workshop to unlock screws and bolts and also parts of the engine, in industry for the maintenance of mechanisms and in agriculture, to take care of tractors and agricultural machinery.

Thanks to its property XT-10 is unmatched, even at higher temperatures: this amazing spray has the advantage of withstanding very high temperatures, perfectly suitable in the welding, in mechanical and electrical industry. Rust, a bitter enemy for us all... but with XT-10 it’s a piece of cake. This unique multi-purpose spray Ambro-Sol has indeed a great solvent power on rust but not inly…materials such as silicone, glue, adhesives, paints will not be a problem anymore...

A product 100% Made in Italy born from the great experience of Ambro-Sol in the production of spray solutions, that is synonymous of safety, reliability and leading-edge.

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