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The maintenance of your tractor is critically important: what to choose?

The tractors and agricultural machines have many more moving parts than a normal car, many more gears and mechanisms for operation and for this reason it is very important to give them a proper lubrication.

But above all to choose the right lubricant; Ambro-Sol offers a wide range of spray lubricants that will ensure a longer life to your vehicle.

The spray lubricants Ambro-Sol guarantee quality and high efficiency because they are born from a careful laboratory research of the best formulations, to ensure a perfect result in their applications, synonymous with wisdom and experience typical of Made in Italy.

Many tractors have automatic brakes that is therefore essential a good maintenance to ensure high standards of operation and safety in their use.

The spray lubricants Ambro-Sol are a valuable ally for these operations. The mineral graphite is an excellent electrical conductor, with a very high melting point. For this reason Ambro-Sol has chosen graphite for its grease, ideal for the maintenance of machinery and equipment belonging to heavy industry.

A grease which through the addition of particular substances has excellent adhesion properties, water repellency, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and a strong lubricating film. Essential when dirt and dust are present, for instant on  construction equipment, agricultural, construction, road and heavy industries, to lubricate joints, pins, bushings, guides, sliding surfaces, bearings, etc.

Choose Ambro-Sol lubricants for your tractor!

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