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The thousands of uses and benefits of aerosol products

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When it comes to aerosol, it is not simply and trivially speaking of spray cans, but of a revolution and innovation that, over the years, spread in oil spill with many advantages.

Now they are used in many areas, such as food, cosmetics, such as deodorants, lacquers or creams, hobbies, paints or oils and lubricants, through cleaning sprays or even insecticides. And many more are the branches in which they are used for their ease of use.

In addition to this, safety and hygiene, the spray cans are also friendly to the environment for another important reason. In fact since the 1989 CFC-containing cans in Europe have been banned, because they caused serious damage to stratospheric ozone, aerosol products now contain non-polluting propellants, contributing to considerably reducing its consequences on life on Earth, such as Global overheating. The formulations developed now are designed to respect the environment and consist of as many natural elements as possible. All while maintaining their effectiveness, ease of delivery and longevity. In fact, it should be emphasized that aerosol products can last for a long time without losing their specific properties and characteristics.

Not only the contents, but also the container is environment friendly: Spray cans made of steel and aluminum are 100% infinity recyclable, thanks to the fact that they are easily differentiated when empty. One more factor to choose from than other sizes and formulations that are not recyclable and disposable.

Even Ambro-sol, with its ten years experience in the production of spray cans, has always married the values of respect for the environment, safety and practicality of the product for the ultimate consumer, without losing quality. An attention that is found in the over one hundred formulations of Ambro-sol, designed to have always new products that look to the future both for their effectiveness and respect for the environment. Take a look at all our products:

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